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Northwood is one of the wards within the London Borough of Hillingdon. Today it is a leafy suburb with a mixture of residential properties, ranging from some of the original Victorian and Edwardian properties through to new build apartments and small private developments.

Green Lane is the major shopping area, with the High Street a secondary retail area on the periphery of the ward with Northwood Hills. There are a range of schools in the ward and a great deal of green open space, both private like Northwood Golf Club, and public like the Gravel Pits and the woods across to Ruislip Lido.

Some facts and figures on the ward can be found here on the Hillingdon website. It shows that Northwood has a higher density of over 45 year olds, higher numbers of affluent achievers (to usethe Acorn classification) and a diverse population.

Northwood has an active and well informed residents association, the NRA. Their site can be found here.




Photo from NRA site